Links to your site have always been a large factor out of many in Google’s ranking algorithm. They are viewed as a “vote” for your site, but unfortunately not all votes are equal.


So a link from say The Times may be seen as a very strong vote but a link from this site not so strong. And a links from some of the dodgier corners of the web could be downright dangerous.

Competitor’s Backlinks

If your competitors are ranking above you and receiving a higher volume of Google search queries it could partly be due to their backlinks.
Using sophisticated software and analysis techniques we can discover their backlink profile and then sort these links based on relevance and strength.

Your Backlinks

Using the same techniques we can analyse your backlinks and look for any strengths or possible areas of concern.
By comparing you with your competition we see if there are any opportunities to replicate their good links to your advantage. This is in addition to discovering new backlink opportunities for your site which we would be happy to discuss.
Very often this process unearths new opportunities and implementing these changes can have a positive effect on visitor traffic such that your website receives many more leads or sales.

Penalty Risk Analysis

At one time a link was a link, so the more the merrier. Google’s Penguin update put an end to this and penalised sites based on a spammy backlink profile. They also devalued backlinks in general in favour of other factors, but they still remain an important factor.
Since they penalise based on bad backlinks what’s to stop your competitors bombarding you with backlinks for pr0n or hairloss or forex tips? To receive thousands of these irrelevant spammy links could see your site heavily demoted in the good graces of Google.
Our Digital Marketing experts can establish a monitoring system to watch your link profile for unwanted changes. In more competitive verticals this is essential to avoid any unwanted penalties. Contact our team for more information on protecting your website.