The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing thus:

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.


The keywords here are relevant and valuable. This is what makes a site stand apart from the rest of the internet noise. It is also what keeps your readers engaged and more likely to take action

Content marketing is the technique of communicating with your visitors and prospects without the hard sell. Instead of advertising your products or services, you are delivering information that makes your prospect more likely to take the action you want.

Content Marketing

Encompasses all forms of marketing:
  • Social Media Marketing

    Content marketing strategy precedes your social media strategy. You need the content first.

  • SEO

    Content marketing  has a positive effect as Search engines reward businesses that produce fresh, relevant material

  • PPC

    For Pay-Per-Click advertising to work, it requires great content.

Content marketing Types:

Include but are not limited to
  • Long, vertical diagrams and graphics that include statistics, charts, and other information
  • Webpages. All pages contain content of one type or another, but what sets a good page apart? Content that visitors find interesting and are engaged by.
  • Videos. The strength of You Tube attests to the popularity of video marketing. Videos are more affordable to produce than ever and provide an opportunity for lengthy engagement with prospects. What video could you create that would be of benefit to your site’s viewers?
  • Podcasts. These appeal to a particular demographic and can be an additional way of engaging with your target market.


Add value & keep it interesting. Ask your existing clients what new information they would find useful. If you need some expert copyrighting get in touch and let our expert team create it for you.