Collect Contact Information and send beautiful newsletters to your subscribers.

Stay in contact with your existing clients

Keep them engaged with your products and services


  • Highly targeted

Using optin bars and contact forms your visitors can sign up for new offers, news or updates. Staying in touch with existing clients or customers is much more likely to lead to seales or leads than trying to acquire them from cold.

  • Inexpensive

To send a custom designed email reflecting your branding to 1,000 subscribers is only $78. You can track who’s opened your email, when they opened it and what they’ve been clicking on. Alternatively we can set up your own account and template so you can manage your own electronic direst mail campaigns.

  • Delivered regularly for
    constant contact

If you only meet someone once It’s hard to remember them 6 months later. If they stay in touch regularly they will be easy to remember. Keeping you uppermost in your contacts’ minds will remind them of who you are and what you do or provide. Without these timely reminders they may be inclined to look elsewhere when considering products or services similar to yours.

Email marketing is becoming extremely popular due to it’s low cost and high return on investment. Let us show you how affordable and easy it can be to get started.