Facebook is the world’s most popular social network

Facebook has opportunities for businesses to get their message in front of a wide, targeted audience.


Facebook Advertising will take your digital presence to the next dimension with over 1.5 billion monthly active users.

Our Facebook advertising experts can get the most out of this innovative new marketing channel. Facebook advertising is highly effective when your account is set up correctly. In the heands of amateurs it can run away with the budget and yield mediocre results so contact us for expert assistance.

With our expert guidance you will get:

  • Proper Account Setup

  • Advanced Targeting Strategies

  • Multiple ad formats and location placements

  • Budget accountability and ROI

  • Detailed reporting & analysis

Why Advertise on Facebook - Targeting

Facebook offers highly granular targeting options. Age, location, gender, interests, occupation and more.

Another highly effective strategy is retargeting. So you could show ads to people who have visited certain pages on your site but not taken any action. Or people who have shown an interest in a certain category of product but not completed a purchase. The options are practically limitless, get in touch to see which may be most effective for you.

Multiple Ad Formats & Placements

  • A Desktop Newsfeed ad, front and center to your audience featuring images, text or video will be sure to drive traffic to your site.
  • Mobile News Feed ads. Nearly three quarters of Facebook’s users are also on mobile so it makes sense to include them in the marketing mix.
  • Rotating Image Ads. With this format you are able to show multiple ads or products in one display. A great way to ensure viewers are engaged.

Cost Effective

It is possible to control the budget very tightly with Facebook advertising (or it can run amok if unmanaged). By setting an appropriate daily budget combined with advanced targeting strategies your business objectives can be achieved in a cost effective manner.


We use metrics from Facebook reports and Google Analytics to show you exactly how your ads are performing. We detail how many people saw the ads. how often, if they clicked etc
Once the ads have run for a couple of weeks we review the performance and then tweak the ad copy and targeting to continually improve. This process of reviewing & adjusting helps you maximise return on your Facebook advertising.