Remarketing or Retargeting, is the promotion of your business to people that have already visited your website.


Only 5% of first time visitors to a website will convert, ie take the action you want them to take. That’s 95% that leave without doing what you want. It’s hard enough to drive traffic to your site in the first place, without losing 95% of prospects. That’s a lot of money left on the table.

Remarketing, when set up correctly, will remind these visitors why they visited your site in the first place and may target them with additional offers, increasing the ROI of your advertising. By only targeting pre-qualified site visitors it can offer cheaper clicks and conversions than regular pay per click advertising.


With an expertly set up account remarketing can be remarkably effective with lower costs per click and per conversion. Setting up the target remarketing audience properly is vital to success. For example you could target visitors who had only visited page x and not page y, as page x may sell your high profit margin items. Or you could target visitors who had been to the contact page but not submitted a contact form. Or you could target boys from 13-17 years old in a particular geographic area. The options are practically limitless.

Remarketing Platforms


Retargeting on the Google display network allows you to serve ads to visitors based on the actions they have taken on your site, and by age, gender & demographics as above. The ads can be text based, video or animated, or all of these, which we would recommend to determine the most effective.

These ads will follow your chosen audience around the web on sites that display ads, ie that are on Google’s display network. You can further limit the placement of these ads to sites closely aligned to yours.


If your target market comprises many Facebook users (and most do!) it makes sense to retarget your site visitors on the Facebook platform. The options are very similar to Google’s in terms of age, location and gender and based on particular pages visited on your site. Facebook also offers some unique options such as based on interest.