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Beautiful Websites that work. On Mobile, tablets and Google.

Are you considering a new web design in Adelaide, a website or online shop for your business? An update to your existing site? Would you like to be in control and  make a changes to your website without:

– calling to your web developer; – meeting with the person who made the site; – waiting for the appointment with your developer; – waiting for these changes to happen?

If you would like a website in Adelaide that is simple to manage and control yourself and don’t have to spend a lot of time and money keeping it up-to-date then our website service is your answer. We build it for you then teach you how to maintain and update it.

Looking for a professional and experienced WordPress developer?

  • Beautifully designed and optimised for user experience
  • Fast loading and secure from hackers.
  • Can you update it yourself?
  • We can help!

Web Design Prices

Our prices
  •    Number of pages
  •    Type of web design
  •    Website forms
  •    No. of e-mail accounts
  •    Administration
  •    Extras
  •    Analytics
  •    Suitability


  • 5 Page Website
  • Template Website Design
  • 1 Contact Form
  • 1 Email Account
  • Individual


  • 10 Page Website
  • Customised Template Design
  • 3 Contact Forms
  • 3 Business Email Accounts
  • Clicky Analytics
  • Home Business


  • 15 Page Website
  • Custom Website Design
  • 2 Custom Contact Forms (Newsletter/Contact)
  • 5 Business Email Accounts
  • Content Management System Panel
  • 3 Months Free Hosting
  • Clicky Analytics
  • Small Business


  • 15 Page Website + Up to 40 products
  • Customised Website Design
  • 2 Custom Contact Forms (Newsletter/Contact)
  • 8 Business Email Accounts
  • Product Administration Panel
  • 3 Months Free Hosting
  • Google Analytics
  • Online Shop


  • 25 Page Website + Unlimited Additional Pages
  • Custom Website Design
  • 2 Custom Contact Forms (Newsletter/Contact)
  • 10 Business Email Accounts
  • Content Management System Panel
  • 3 Months Free Hosting
  • Google Analytics
  • Medium Business

Starting a new business and looking for a budget option? Check our pay weekly options here

Wordpress Websites

We use a variety of Content Management Systems (CMS)for our websites, and which particular one depends on the function of the website. For example, an ecommerce site will need a different solution to an informational site.  Our Adelaide Web design team use and are experts in WordPress. This CMS accounts for around 20% of all websites so you will be in good company.

Due to it’s ease of use, websites are relatively fast to complete and this keeps the price down. It also enables the site owner to login through a web browser and make updates and changes without the hassle and expense of hiring a web designer every time.

Search Raise are Adelaide’s leading WordPress website design and development company. We have a dedicated team of WordPress specialists ready to help your business or personal project take life quickly, efficiently and more importantly cost effectively by leveraging the power of the wonderful Wordpress platform.

We love WordPress, it’s what we do and know best. Check out our WordPress hosting and WordPress Management. We can help you create the website you need and even show you how it works so that you can update it.

We do everything in-house from planning and design through to production.

Check out our recent Websites.

The Web Design Process

We strive to ensure that the process of creating your website is as straight forward as possible. By using proven and recognised open source software in addition to the latest web technologies and extensive experience, Search Raise provides a fast and efficient process that delivers results that surpass your expectations in a timely manner and within budget.

Throughout the development of your website you will have many opportunities to make refinements and adjustments before they are implemented, leaving you in control:

1. Planning
We learn about your business and your industry competitors. We identify any trends in your industry. You tell us what are the objectives for the website and what you would like it to achieve.

Our services include:
branding ideas
keyword research
domain registration
logo creation
website hosting
website design
website development
informational websites
content management systems (CMS)
e-Commerce websites
search engine optimisation
Online Advertising
email marketing

Search Raise provides a full digital marketing service for your business, ensuring your objectives are achieved inline with your online goals through a well researched and cost effective online marketing strategy.

2. Design
Design – we develop an overall design concept for your approval that reflects your brand identity. Psychology-focussed design

When producing your website, Search Raise will ensure that it:

Is easy and logical to navigate and quick to load
Allows for growth and for more content to be added
Is secure from hackers
Works on desktop pc’s phones and tablets – Responsive design

3. Development
Development – we build your website based on your objectives, the results of the planning stage and design concept, using the latest web technologies.

Search Raise websites are developed to comply with industry standard guidelines. Specifically, Search Raise websites feature:

Cross website browser compatibility (such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox)
Adherence to

4. Launch
Before the website is live on the internet you will be able to preview it as an online testing site that will allow you to test drive your website before it is launched online. This allows for any modifications before your website is officially open for business.

After testing and modifications and your approval has been given, we will launch the website online.

5. Post Launch
Minor tweaks to the website up to a maximum of 2 hours are included at no charge. So if something is overlooked during the review process and you “need it done” rest assured that it will be done efficiently and at no additional cost.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your site needs to be found to attract visitors. High listings in the search engines guarantee this. The No.1 search position in Google attracts over 30% of all clicks.

Imagine the number of visitors that would bring to you. Our sites are designed with SEO in mind. Web design that draws visitors and then compels them to take the action you desire.


Responsive is the term used to describe a website that adapts it’s size itself to fit any device including PC, tablet or mobile.

Mobile phones have now taken over from the PC as the device most used by people to view websites. If your current website is not mobile friendly, your website bounce rate increases by an additional 44%. This meaning on average, 94% of visitors to your current website are leaving without entering the site.


Web Design that you can make changes to without empoying the services of a web developer. Add text, images, changes prices etc at will. Login and use the word processor style interface to make the changes you need.

Or add a new theme to change the look completely. Of course we’re always here if you need any help.

Conversion Obtimized

When it comes to website design, not all are equal. SearchRaise websites are Conversion optimised meaning we give you the best likelihood of converting visitors into customers/leads.

While it’s important to have many visitors, it is also just as important that they take action that translates into sales or leads.

A Searchraise designed website is designed to keep your viewers engaged leading them to take the action you need.

We are not only web developers we are an Online Marketing Agency that understands how & what web viewers do. We look at the numbers behind the scenes to determine the most effective marketing solution for you..

Multiple Websites

Having more than one website allows you the possibility to rank more than once on Google’s index. More listings>more visitors>more business!

This also reduces the risk of having “all your eggs in one basket” with Google. Imagine if your site was hacked or was the victim of a negative SEO attack from a jealous competitor. No more site visitors.

What effect would that have on your business? Having more than one site is good insurance should events such as these occur.

Web Design Pricing

Affordable web sites from $1350 +GST. 3-5 page informational sites, content to be supplied by the client. We can also convert an existing website to a smartphone -friendly design in WordPress (responsive design). Typical pricing for this is $1750+GST but is entirely dependent on the size of the existing website. Please contact us for a firm quote.